PoorDecisions tagged as

doin' it with mouth


Average Value of LMAO

ask my now ex boyfriend his biggest secret
he tells me that he got a bj from his best friends mom. EXTRA RESULT: he ended up cheating on me and so this is what he gets ;) thats what you get if you mess with me


Worried Stares from Onlookers

having a threesome with my best friend
realizing her vag tastes like onion bagels


Drunken Shenanigans

got blown for 1st time by an ugly chick
was afriad to get blown evar again


LMAOs Per Square Inch

drank some vodkaaaaaah!
blew my brothers friends dick he was fucking hot...i dont regret it so it isnt a poor decision it was an awesome decision. datsh right biaaaaaatch


Bottles of Asprin

Got drunk at a college mixer.
Found out that my roommate is at least a little gay and gives better head than my girlfriend.


People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

Decided to hook up with a friend so i gave him head
didnt know i could get the fucken flu from it... my throat still hurts n im sick of the stuffy nose...


Futures Destroyed

Sucked a dick through a glory hole, at a bar.
Said dick belonged to my cousin. And (oh, yes, it gets better) said cousin is to marry my cousin on the other side of the family, who he already has a kid with.


Milligrams of ROFLnol

Went down on my wife
Discovered she is having an affair when I tasted her lovers cum while licking her pussy.


Deaths by Dysentery

gave my wife 'Fire in the whole" (previous post)
GUYS NOTE: Make sure ur wife does not have Listerine in her mouth when she is about to blow you. I now have a sense of what "Jalapeno on a stick" is!


Futures Destroyed

my friends and i go to one of their girlfriend's house to drink and smoke weed. i decided to steal her roomates bottle of grey goose and drink most of it straight no chaser.
woke up next to her fat sister. learned later i was so wasted i couldnt get an erection so i gave he oral sex. butt of my friends jokes for months

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