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Draught Kegs

Reading the side of the Yoohoo (chocolate drink) box which says "shake it!" and actually shaking it
evil bastards set me up! THE DRINKS WILL EXPLODE IF YOU SHAKE THEM! bonus result: I got Yoohoo drink all over my college bed and wall. thats the last time I read directions...


LOLrus Bukkits

phone sex on family trip sharing a room with my 8 year old sister thinking she was asleep
her telling our parents i made funny noises while saying josh on the phone


Shattered Dreams

Went to Mexico for summer vacation.
Got krabs, broke up with my boyfriend, and I accidentally bought a coffin while inebriated.


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

took a swing at a tree with a baseball bat
turns out the bat comes back at ya, woke up ten minutes later went to the hospital and found out that it is possible to give yourself a concussion with a bat.


Dollars Left in Savings

Drank half a bottle of captain, then decided a booby slapping fight with my friend would be fun.
Ran into a wall and got a black eye, my parents flew me home cause they thought my husband hit me.


Days Since Last Accident

thought i was could keep up with my cousin at a party and stole his drink...
in hanging out of a tent pukeing by guts out why my familiy laughs at my first hangover..... bonus result got laughed at by people i still dont rember meeting bonus result still learning about that night 1 year later


Futures Destroyed

went to make poptarts


your mom

Friend goes out paint balling with a girl, thinking of getting lucky....
She tells him about his boyfriend and gets my friend to talk to him about paintball....


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

falling down some stairs
my dog laughed at me


Babbies Formed

cop pulled me over and i played the bad boys sound track.
three tickets, my car got towed and i spent two days in jail. bad boys bad boys.

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