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what a drag dude


Guys That Girl You Like Hasn't Slept With

having sex with over 30 guys from time of cherry popping till now.
havent had sex in over six months because i have no libido.... did i use it all up????


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

Let my son stay home from school because he said he was sick.
Coming home early from work to check on him to catch him in bed with his boyfriend.


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

went to work sick but felt that it was ok because the med's took the swelling in my face down
the girl who comes in after me did a no call no show and the med's are not working any more. the right side of my face is swelling back up and i have to hear OMG what happened to your face as i pull a double.


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

went to the taco truck for lunch since it's one of my only choices.
got sick from food poisoning 45 miles away from home, requiring me to shit and vomit in 2 truck stop urinals before i got back to the comfort of my home.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

trying to get some action from 3 different girls all on my bday
getting blue balls

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right now: