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drivin drunk...classic


Square Feet of Fridge Space Not Occupied by Booze

At a 21st birthday party, had many shots, smoked a ton of weed, and then drove around for a half hour.
vomiting in my driveway and covering it in grass, thinking it was clean.


Square Feet of Fridge Space Not Occupied by Booze

Me and my friend decided to go to a party get hammered drunk and take some Ambien.
Drunk dialing all my exes, not remembering what exactly I said, then attempting to drive home and ran into telephone pole, got out of the truck and watched the pole fall on top of my truck. Then had to pass a sobriety test that I don't remember taking. I still ask myself "how did i do it."


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

Three 24 packs of bud, a cooler filled with assorted mini bottles, the beach, and a pocket full of greenery, starting at noon.
Dancing on the shore line with my new pet crab Shelly whom was dead. Being chosen as the most sober to drive while pissing in the sand. Going to a restaurant trying to spell the name of it on my Facebook all the while it was all over the walls. Hearing my friend puke and scare all the customers, then moving on to three bars and puking crab up in a dumpster. I think Shelly had something to do with it. Finishing off with laying on the side walk asking my mom to pick up but not knowing where I am. Girls day out priceless.


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

Offering to drive 3 friends and 2 strangers an hr down the road to get weed... when drunk off my ass...
Ended up with a smokin hot girlfriend and a new job!


Chairman LMAOs

Decided that it was a great idea celebrating after quitting my job to start my own business.
OWI, $2500 in state fees, lawyer fees, suspended license, impounded car, and no money to start the business.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Drink an $8 fifth of vodka.
Drove home, mostly in the ditch, puking on g/f.


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

Getting drunk and stoned off a bottle of Wild Turkey and two joints.
Drove home and had to talk my way out of going to jail.

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