PoorDecisions tagged as



Glasses of Whiskey

got drunk
woke up hurting in the ass robed of shoes and clotes and no ride home and no guy BONUS RESULST cant remember a think from last night


LOLs per Million

deciding to dribk vodka in the afternoon
me not feeling so good


Grammar and Spelling Corrections

tried to do a backflip in a club while drunk on the dance floor.
didn't land anywhere close on my feet.kicked at least two girls in the face. the was kicked out. plus didn't get a chance to close my bar tab that night. there goes my bank account.


LOLrus Bukkits

Going to my girlfriends house late at night drunk
her gay brother cuddling with me and my girlfriend taking a picture and laughing at me


Orders of General LMAO's

Drinking an entire handle of rum at a party.
Tying people together with plastic wrap, and accusing everyone of yelling at me in techno.

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