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poordecisions poor decisions


Miles of LOLercoaster

i think ive read just about every poordecision there is...
need to go get my drunken antic on and report back to officer P.D.


Miles per ROFL

Decide to go on PD durring summer school
Failed the class


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

you guys should have a random button


Lowered Expectations

Downloaded PD
Having something to do all night when i'm in the hospital with my husband, realizing my decisions aren't as bad as i think...at least my poor decisions don't lead to kids...yay i'm not a slut!


Sois by the ROFLcopter

Read Poordecisions.net on my phone while walking home from class.
Walked straight into a lamp post in front of three cute girls.


Days Since Last Accident

voted for things that were tied
the better stories have now claimed dominance!!


People Who Understand Math

To check out this app to see what it was.
Now afraid of all palm apps. Bonus result: Now getting an Android phone. Bye palm!


Friends Left After Last Night

posted a poor decision on poordecisions.net.
poor decision didnt get posted, poor decision on their part as I plan world domination and they are my first targets mwuahahhahaa


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

try to find out who is the tag wirter fo this cuz i think he is funneys
still trying to find out who the wirter is


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Read hundreds of PoorDecisions about horrible drinking experiences
Decide to throw a party because I haven't gotten hammered in a while

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