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all aboard the failboat


Sick Days Left At Work

Go on pub crawl, ride train alone at 2am drunk off face
Mugged by three guys, lost phone, lost wallet, lost money.


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

Going with my so-called friend and two hotties to his "dad's" yacht to get drunk and fuck. While there remembering that his dad died in a car accident... and even better yet, that he never owned a yacht.
Interruption in really hot sex with this ultra-fine female and her friend to the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun and an angry yacht owner, coincidentally, upon exiting the yacht I dove in the water and swam to escape but I didn't make it far... in my drunken state, I swam the wrong way and ended up looking at his shotgun again. Tired from swimming I gave up and puked. I got slapped with a $15000 bill for damages, 30 days in jail, 200 hours of community service and my picture in the local paper.

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