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Decided to hook up with my best friends little brother who is a year younger than us and do ecstacy the same night
We got supper horny! She walked in on us getting busy saw her brothers junk and mine. I am now pregnet with his kid and his mom gave me her wedding dress as a hint for us to get married. My best friend finds it the funniest think ever. They want me to name the baby Eddie so they an call it little E (For ecstacy). I will NEVER get it on with my friends brothers agian or do ecstacy. Why couldn't I of just smoked weed...


Average Value of LMAO

Mixed ecstacy with eight shots of voldka at 1 30 in the afternoon with some friends
Me going door to door selling invisible baked goods with nothing but an apron and socks on.


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

Taking 4 ecstacy pills in one night
Thought i was gunna die and didnt sleep all night and day while watching a light show on the x box.


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

Combining mushrooms, ecstacy, and heroin during a trip to Amsterdam on Easter weekend.
Soaking wet and going through withdrawls while searching for my hotel after jumping in a canal to retrieve a friend's rubber bouncey ball that he claimed had "sentimental value"

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