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LOLs per Million

drank vodka an ever clear (didn't know about the ever clear.) then blacked out.
I woke up with hickeys on my neck and a hospital bracelet on my wrist. Luckily in my bed.


Responsibilities Taken Seriously

Drinking everclear with husbands friend.
him smacking me in the ass while someone recorded it, me turning around and seeing my husband standing there, his friend and i laughed so hard i fell over top of him...lucky husband has a sense of humor and it wasn't a bare ass slap.


Shotgun Weddings

Getting struck by lightning and going to a small party after being discharged from the hospital. (drinking plenty of everclear).
too drunk to realize the bottoms of my feet were burned from the lightning and running around (and falling a lot) all night serenading my friends. I was the only girl there and kept showing everyone my underwear. I don't know if the headache the next morning was from the hangover or from the concussion when I got struck. I couldn't walk to the bathroom to pee because my feet hurt too bad.


Deaths by Dysentery

Pregameing with Everclear and monster before a night in Vegas.
No memories of what happened and $900 less.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

Trying Everclear for the first time.
Woke up in someone else's dorm, with someone else's roommate, in someone else's shirt.

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