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Eating Fiber One bars...
Feeling like i'm going to shit myself in the middle of class D:


Bottles of Asprin

tag writters are lazy
no new tags to read while taking a shit


Sois by the ROFLcopter

hooked up with the finest chick at my 100+ guests party, a 12 on a 10 scale, everyone was trying to get with her. roommates said they would take care of house while i was 'busy'
woke up the next morning and smelled a strong stench of onions and asparagus. she shit herself in the bed we hooked up in. my roommates, and i kicked her out immediately. now i have to buy him a new 1000 thread Egyptian sheets.


On the ROFLdex

had to fart REALLY bad in class (i had held it in all day) and tried to let it out slowly and silently so it wouldnt smell and people wouldnt notice me.
silent thing and not smelling thing didnt work out at ALL.BONUS RESULT: I SHARTED in my pants and asked if i could go to the bathroom but teacher wouldnt let me out until end of class.BONUS BONUS RESULT: when i was dumping all the turd out of my pants someone came in and heard me ploping in the pot they CRAWLED under the stall and saw me. good thing my REALLY HOT girlfriend got sick that day and didnt hear me fart and news about the emptying my pants never got to her. whew.

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