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LOLrus Bukkits

Predrinking Southern Comfort and Double Blacks. Then Tequila, Vodka, and LOTS of beer at a club.
Guys buying me even more drinks in wooing attempts. Making out with a guy I frequently see at clubs (and will probably run into a lot). Then when he goes off to pee making out with another guy who looked just like the first but blonde and turning around and seeing the first guy is watching. BONUS RESULT: Being single too long makes you too slutty to get a boyfriend.


Babbies Formed

letting a chihuahua scrach my foot while i was watching tv
when i looked down the chihuahua looked and acted like it was humping me , his penis was erect, and i got fucked by a chihuahua


Accidental Pregnancies

Parked car in drive overnight and didn't get up until mid-day.
Dead baby chick lands on roof of car and welds itself to the roof so that it's almost impossible to remove. BONUS RESULT: When driving on a car park with lots of people, everybody stares at me in a sort of disgusted fashion, as though I chose to keep the bird up there as a gruesome mascot or abstract statement on vegetarianism.


Responsibilities Taken Seriously

ran out of pads when my period was on.
ended up wearing my nephews diapers...


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

Trying to kill a huge centipede with a rolled up newspaper. It runs into the bathroom, into the bathtub, then down the drain. I stuff the newspaper in the drain and call it a victory.
Next morning: Take the newspaper out of the drain, start the shower. Five minutes later, great big centipede is doing the dozens-of-arms doggy paddle around my ankles. Scream like a little girl, slip, hit head on bathtub. Can't find centipede when I finally get up.


On the LOLometer

decided to fuck josh nennig


Shattered Dreams

ate sunflower seeds with the shell
the most painfull bloody shit ever


Times the Socially Acceptable Level of Failure

Borrowed my mom's birth control.
Little brother.


Pairs of LOLerskates

Bought a guitar for my little cousin
He peed in it, and from then on, used it as an outdoor urinal, so he didnt have to come inside to pee. I just found said guitar, and it was... awful.


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

Got arrested for selling weed, but in my statement I blamed it on my father, and I got off the hook because I'm a minor. Took my leftover drug money and bought tickets to a Drive-By-Truckers concert, and I went with my (unemployed) boyfriend. We had sex in a bathroom stall. I am now an ex potdealer, 16, and pregnant.
I am officially white trash.

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