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Metric Tons of Self Respect

somked weed, shots of liquor, ate mushrooms, drank beer, and poped xtc in an hour setting.
being scared of the color red all night!


Average Value of LMAO

Taking 26 Xanex at a friends house Friday night.
Waking up in handcuffs in the psych hospital on Sunday after I tried to take on the Houston Police Department Swat Team. Wish I could remember.


Broken Promises

Riding bike after smoking 2 blunts and 4 bowls.
Driving bike straight into telephone pole, flying head first into pavement in front of rush hour traffic.


Grammar and Spelling Corrections

Going to a rave in an abandoned warehouse in Nashville TN and drinking rum, smoking weed, taking acid, taking shrooms, taking more acid, and lots more rum.
Waking up in an abandoned warehouse in KY with no memory. My friend who was texting told me the last message from me was "shit dude shiiit" I now have to hitch hike back before my parents find out.

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