PoorDecisions tagged as

family matters


Claps from the LOLrus

Pleasuring myself while I thought I was home alone
Creepy uncle who sprays my house for bugs coming in and admitting he's 'always had a thing for his pretty neice'.


Miles of LOLercoaster

Tried to be straight, and dated a wonderful girl.
Fell in love with her dad when we went to her parents' place, broke up her parents marriage, and am now shacked up with her dad.


Accidental Sex Change Operations

Drunk off of Four Loko, having a hardcore dunking contest with friends on my kid brothers little tikes basketball hoop.
One sad brother.


Dollars Left in Savings

Doing my aunts best frinend who was my boss and 17 years older than me
Got fired and aunt wont talk to me.


Glasses of Whiskey

Getting way too drunk at family christmas party. Uncles tried to teach me how to shoot a bow.
Sooooo many tears after i shot the dog when it darted in front of the target.


LOLs per Million

Letting your brother drive the car
Cars and stone walls don't mix


you're adopted

Going home with a strange guy from a party.
Climbing out of the window butt naked in the morning as his wife had just got home.


Arbitrary Numbers

Getting hammered at a bar with my cousin.
Being slumped over a motorcycle arcade game asking random strangers to dial my cousin's cell from mine... while the bastard watched and laughed.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Drinking a 5th of vodka and hooking up with my ex-girlfriend her sister and her best friend.
Getting my ass kicked by three angry boyfriends.

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