PoorDecisions tagged as



Confused Stares

allowing my teenage boys to dig a firepit in my backyard.
calling the fire company to come extinguish my porch.


Shotgun Weddings

attepted to make my own fireworks on New Years
brought in the new year with a bang, a scorched yard and a burned down house. the firefighters took 2 Days to put it out.


People That Still Like You

Playing with fire and gas.
Lighting full gas can on fire in hand.


Worried Stares from Onlookers

Drinking for 9 hours straight and trying to light a bonfire soaked with gasoline with my lighter
Blowing myself up, doing stop drop and roll while my friend laugh at me and then spend the following 3 weeks in the hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns


Confused Stares

Playing with ax body spray and a lighter
Lighting my friend on fire.


Glasses of Whiskey

Throwing my birthday party fuelled on goon sacks alone.
3rd degree burns on my leg after falling in to a fire, a friends dad pissed off at me for vomiting ON HIM, and a cold because a passed out in a duck pond.


Alcohol Induced Comas

Not sleeping all night.
Was early for work... but fell asleep & one of the kids took my lighter out of my pocket and light the cabinets on fire. No more job..

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