PoorDecisions tagged as

fuck pants


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

droppin acid before going to the fair
escorted out by police without pants...evidently i took them off at the top of the big slide and slide down on them Later result: new nickname


Miles per ROFL

Drinking Irish with friend again. $250 in wallet. Friday night again.
Monday morning again. Still had $250 in wallet. Didn't have pants to keep wallet in. No recollection of events again.


Warnings from Your Mother About Exactly This Kind of Thing

doing a backflip off a trruck bed after taking 5 shots of tequila
regaining consiousness in a deserted campsite without pants


Worried Stares from Onlookers

Me and my friends birthday's are one day apart so we decided to celebrate by going to the bar and buying each other shots.
Blacking out somewhere between bar 2 and 3. Refusing rides home from sober people. Crawling through the bushes on the way home with pants undone. Police picking me up and driving me back home to my extremely pissed off roommates. Woke up to about 15 messages asking if I needed a ride home from jail.

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