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first world problems


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

watching tv
i dont care how i can save 15% on car insurance! i just wanna watch tv!


Rewarding Relationships Formed

Crafting my first Scout hat from Team Fortress 2
Ended up getting a hatless hat (Baseball Bill's Sports Shine). Was pissed. Crafted it with another hat, ended up getting a spy hat (which I don't play spy). Crafted it with a hat that was given as a gift from my friend, ended up with an engineer hat. Some cruel pattern this must be...


Explanations Demanded

fiance decided to bring home another girl for a three way
me and the other girl spent way to much time tending to each other, had better sex with the other girl in front of my fiance, now the other girl wants me to leave my fiance.

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