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Dollars Left in Savings

havent updated PD yet
app still works fine and am still laughing at the people who are so mad about it. PD, you fucktwats need my wife n I's help on your shit yet? or you still being fags. send me a sticker bitchs


Dollars Left in Savings

tryed loading pd so i could read others pd.....
still waiting and at a bar with the song dingling being sung


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

Decided to install the Poor Decisions update.
The shit doesn't work and it pissed me off so bad I threw my phone. Way to go, guys.


People That Still Like You

Being pissed off because you motherfuckers dont post my shit.
PD will no longer be an app on my phone. Assholes.


Miles per ROFL

Poor Decisons hasnt worked on my phone in over a month
Me shouting obscene vulgarities in school and getting suspended right before graduation


Rewarding Relationships Formed

tried to read pd
shit wont load fix it fuckers

your ad here,
right now: