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Days Since Last Hangover

definition of pope


Shots of Jaeger

got really drunk lastnight
ended up eating toothpaste thinking it was astronaut food


Average Value of LMAO

Drank too much wine....again!
Crapped in some dudes fish tank, all the fish apparently died..


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

read pd at work wile pooping
Resulted in 1hr poop.payed to poop yesss thank u pd....


Handles of Captain's

told my grandmother that i was i lesbian (she is a pastor)


Babbies Formed

Drank too much wine and took sleeping pills
Woke up naked inbetween my neighbor and his woman. They apparently said I was very convincing that I needed to sleep in the middle so the dust bunnies don't kidnap me.


People That Like Turtles

talking a huge imprtant test
failed because i wrote TROLOLLOLOLOL for every answer


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Third of a box wine bag, three beers, glass of scotch, bourbon, and wanting to prove everyone wrong when they said skulling a whole bottle of vodka wasn't possible.
Propositioning four individuals in one go, losing my watch, t-shirt and wallet, needing to have vomit scooped out of my mouth, ambulance, waking up in hospital with alcohol poisoning and no memory of the night, having to walk home and sweat out pure alcohol for a week. To cap this off, I spent 6 months unaware that I'd achieved the glorious feat of skulling a whole bottle of vodka, and was paranoid that I couldn't handle my booze for a half year until one of my mates informed me of what had really transpired.


Rewarding Relationships Formed

i coach a hockey team. starting goaltender roberto said he wanted to stay in net even after he'd let in 4 goals, so i let him
final score 8-1


Accidental Pregnancies

Bieber Fever?
I'd rather have AIDS

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