PoorDecisions tagged as



Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

takin shots of vodka and smokin a blunt
lost my virginity, made out with my best friend, BONUS she admitted she wants to fuck me and lick my clit


Handles of Captain's

Dumped my boyfriend because he wouldnt come out to his dad about being gay thinking that his hardcore military man dad would disown him for being a pansy.
Met my ex's dad at a bathhouse three months later and have moved into his house and am lovin' getting laid by my ex's hot and well-off dad.


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

Told my Girlfriend about gay thoughts i had one time.
Shes been begging me for the past month to have a threesome with another man because "everyone should try something new"


Accidental Pregnancies

Got drunk at my cousin's wedding doing shots with her husband to be.
Fucked him in the basement and got walked in on by his mother just as I was creaming his ass. Wedding cancelled.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Going to a party. Secondary decision: TEQUILA.
Waking up handcuffed to a bed with two guys' junk in my face. Could not suppress boner. Gave blowjobs. THIS DOESN'T MAKE ME GAY RIGHT? RIGHT? right...?


Times the Socially Acceptable Level of Failure

talking about hot chicks from high school, crushes n such...
my best friend from high school coming out of the closet telling me how he wants to have raw group gay sex with me and the rest of my high school crew


Claps from the LOLrus

Introduced my boyfriend to my mom after coming out to her.
Mom's decided that my boyfriend is her new favourite son, and that my being gay is the best thing I could've done to give her the kid she always wanted.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Had it with all the head games and stupid drama women feed off of, so decided to go gay.
Found out that women are amateurs in the arenas of drama and head games compared to gay men.


Shotgun Weddings

finding out both my dad and boyfriend are gay... for each other, and have been going out with each other for years, not nowing til today...when they were in my bed...
needing therapy for a long time


Babbies Formed

Smoked A LOT of pot with friends. One of which is very bi.
Passed out on couch and woke up with belt and pants undone, dick hanging out of boxers, and being spooned by bi friend. Who is male.

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