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Prokchop Sandwiches

Funneling 20 beers in 2 hours.
Woke up in jail.


Arbitrary Numbers

Going to a rave in an abandoned warehouse in Nashville TN and drinking rum, smoking weed, taking acid, taking shrooms, taking more acid, and lots more rum.
Waking up in an abandoned warehouse in KY with no memory. My friend who was texting told me the last message from me was "shit dude shiiit" I now have to hitch hike back before my parents find out.


Broken Promises

Drinking two whole bottles of wine (first time drinking any alcohol) while on the phone with my boyfriend, without him knowing I was doing it.
Passing out while singing a mix between "rape me" and "American idiot", a very confused mother, a new ex boyfriend, and trying to figure out still to this day how my dog ended up on my roof.


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

Drank a whole bottle of tequila and a half of whiskey then taking a Benadryl because I had a headache.
Waking up in Kansas 3 days later. Last time I remember I was at home in Indiana.

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