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People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

Crafting my first Scout hat from Team Fortress 2
Ended up getting a hatless hat (Baseball Bill's Sports Shine). Was pissed. Crafted it with another hat, ended up getting a spy hat (which I don't play spy). Crafted it with a hat that was given as a gift from my friend, ended up with an engineer hat. Some cruel pattern this must be...



the cake is a lie


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

decided to attack a minecraft player called jeff with an iron sword cause he was stealing from me and my freinds + destroying house
everyone on the server attacks him then grab remaining supplies made epic sky fort with 2 other guys we are now known on the minecraft server as the rouge raiders now lets hope jeff doest come back ever also i asked server owner to ban him useing a sign to ask him i put the sign on the wall of him house next to crafting area

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