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haha retard


People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

failing 2 classes freshman year of high school
dad making me get a job and pay 300 dollars rent.....bonus result: he will send me to the philippines to work for family....and I'll still have to pay rent...


Responsibilities Taken Seriously

cheating on my wife because she's a fat nagging bitch
she's now pregnant with our 4th kid... i dont think im getting rid of her :(


Prokchop Sandwiches

Suggested a threesome to my husband.
Pretty sure he's gay and I'm just his beard now that I've seen him get it on with his best friend in front of me and forget I was there.


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

Attemted to 'Trim' my own hair.
One side is now 2in. shorter than the other side.. Now have to try to get my mom to fix it.


Pairs of LOLerskates

Broke up with a girl because I thought she wasnt hot enough for me.
She was on the cover of several magazines lately. My current GF has developed a weight problem. I'm a retard.

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