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Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

I decided to ditch my gf to hang with another girl to the movies
My gf whose bigger than me saw me, kicked my ass, then took my ticket to see toy story 3


Sois by the ROFLcopter

Got a bunch of peyote from this guy in lieu of the money he owed me.
Got arrested for standing on my roof naked, masturbating, and screaming at the moon.


People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

woman downtown asked me if i wanted a free back massage-- i said yes
after being groped for several minutes, i opened my eyes to discover that my dick disappeared


Miles per ROFL

I went out clubbing.
I was asked if I knew I was white... by an Asian.


Alcohol Induced Comas

Not wearing boxers today because I couldn't find any at the time.
Got my junk caught in the zipper and had walk through the halls to the nurses office.


Friends Left After Last Night

taking ex while smoking and drinking with my best friend
taking a 6 mile walk thru the woods asking a green alien to take us to his leader making another friend think he ran me over bc i had fallen asleep in the middle of the driveway after the people at the house went looking for us after our disappearence for about 5 hours then puking the whole next day


Average Value of LMAO

Directing traffic in the middle of the street while drunk
police station


Metric Tons of Self Respect

Getting drunk and snorting an unidentified substance my friend gave me.
Had sex with my cat. The cat died.


Shotgun Weddings

Say to mom "I was not fapping.I was scratching maybe its a rash or something"
She wants to look at my junk now.

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