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HA Granules

Got super drunk last night.
Woke up this morning wearing a bikini and my mouth tastes like cigarettes and jizz.....wtf happened last night?!


Alcohol Induced Comas

going on an innocent camping trip with my friend
stealing her dads whisky, first time drinking and drank waay too much, got completely shitfaced, hooked up with a random ugly guy, puked about 8 times, dont remember a thing except the beginning of the night, then the next morning had a hangover from hell and had to go on a boat ride and I'm pretty sure her dad knew....


Broken Promises

Drank 11 beers and 2 rum runners.
Falling off the roof to jump into the pool, breaking my ankle and laying in an ant pile.


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

Had friends come into town for the weekend and decided to take a xanex before leaving for the club. At said club, drank four "pineapple upside down cakes", three beers, and lord knows how many shots my bartender-friend told me to try...all within 30 minutes.
Stumbling around downtown Savannah, blind-drunk, screaming how i wanted to go back to the first club and dance. BONUS RESULT: slapped husband in the face, told everyone I met i wanted to have a girl suck on my tits and clit, and ending up with a two inch long blood blister on my foot from my high heels. BONUS #3: DONT REMEBER A THING!!!


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

getting wasted with 3 girls and slept with all t of them
being to drunk to pull out. Bonus herpes and i dont know which one gave it to me


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

decided to take 5mg or bars and drink a bottle of jack
waking up with a self inflicted brand and not remebering it


you're adopted

got really drunk at a friends house with his whole family end up laying on a couch tryin to sleep
little cousin throwing things at me, roll over off of the couch puked all over the floor slip in my own puke and washed up by friends mother


Buildings Drunkenly Peed On

Decided to get drunk with some friends at the beach in the middle of night
Getting FUCKED UP. Started looking for seashells and horseshoe crabs on a seashell and horseshoe crabless beach. Decided to go swimming naked in -15° water. Pissing in a dude's ford f450 duelie gas tank. Had sex with 4 really big fat chicks. Jumping over the bon fire, which was 15 feet long. Burned my pants in 7 different spots. Caused 2 of my friends to get stuck in the sand as we were leaving taking me home. Flipped off a couple of cops. And waking up the next morning with no recollection of anything that happened the night before.


Pairs of LOLerskates

Drink more than i ever had in my life because it was my 24th bday.
Busted my head, got humped by some chick in the parking lot of the bar, carried down a flight of stairs by some guy just to crawl back up them with my gf holding the neck of my shirt, and remembering all of this while puking my brains out into the porcelin God. Then said...I should submit this to PD...


On the ROFLdex

Going to the bar with my ex.
Me drinking til blackout, screaming I'm pregnant, and throwing my car key into a pile of leaves that i had recently caught on fire.

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