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Happy Booze Year


Warnings from Your Mother About Exactly This Kind of Thing

New Years Party. Decided to impress cute blonde co-worker by drinking half a fifth of whiskey and half of fifth of dirty tequila...
Blonde Co-worker boobies *reset* behind the wheel of truck *reset* walking in strange part of town *reset* convenience store??? *reset* Waking up behind the wheel of my truck, safely, at 5 in the morning.... by a police officer.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

Going to a new years party with my friends, and played almost 15 games of kings back to back. Mix of beer and liqour.
I was told after I face planted that everyone tried to keep me down. Unsuccesful, I chased them around crawling with only my shoulders trying to bite ankles with an evil grin on my face. I only remember the face plant, then waking up halfway over the back of a couch


Lowered Expectations

Drinking as many beers I could as fast as I possibly could to "catch up".
Taking a shower at 10pm on New Years, passing out in there and not coming out until 11:30pm.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Trying to get the little widget out of a Murphy's can.
Cutting my finger, bleeding everywhere and not really knowing why, immediately getting drunker due to loss of blood.


Really Awkward Mornings

Slapping that bag of wine.
Most of the wine went on my shirt because it was 2010 and I was smashed.


Orbits Made by The Sattelite of LOL

Pre-gaming extra hard to save money at the bars on New Year's.
Being too drunk to get into a bar, spending all night on the T without getting anywhere, and forgetting how to get home.

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