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how is babby formed


Explanations Demanded

decided running was not good enough exercise and that i needed more of a full body workout
pregnant :/


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

Bareback with chinese woman for months. She said she was on the pill.
Oops! Crazy chinese woman off pill and is preggo and keeing teh babby. She tells in email to me. So I shit my pants. Don't want a babby, and really not with her. BONUS RESULT: Paternity test. I AM NOT THE FATHER!!!! also, cocks


Average Value of LMAO

sleeping with a guy at night. The next da my sister told me she had sex with the same guy the morning before.
he banged me and my sister in the same day. Bonus Result: he got her pregnant. Say hello to my nephew!!! I'm not mad at my sister all. I love my nephew to death. The dude on the other hand, I have plans of castrating him!


your mom

Drinking with my brothers bestfriends.
Waking up naked in between 2 guys. I'm no longer a virgin, instead I'm pregnant and don't know which one is the father.


Professors Who Will Accept This Post As an Excuse

got drunk.. decied to go for a boat ride in my new boat.. ended up with 6 stitches 3 staples and a hot guy giving me cpr
a year later now datin sed guy and prego with his baby


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

deciding to have sex for the first time with my first boyfriend with out a comdon(i was 15)
getting pregnant with tripplets


Broken Promises

having sex for the first time
Greg jr.


Warnings from Your Mother About Exactly This Kind of Thing

havin sex secretly with bf behind parents back
worrying why two months later i miss one period, boobs are bigger, and why do i feel like this when we used a trojan


Miles per ROFL

Went to first party, got really drunk.
got pregnat by my step brother.


On the ROFLdex

Bangin' my best friend
Knocked her up and paying 900/month in child support to feed her new found meth habit...

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