PoorDecisions tagged as

i love bonus results


Rewarding Relationships Formed

thought i was could keep up with my cousin at a party and stole his drink...
in hanging out of a tent pukeing by guts out why my familiy laughs at my first hangover..... bonus result got laughed at by people i still dont rember meeting bonus result still learning about that night 1 year later


Chairman LMAOs

Wanted to have fancy hard rolls for dinner
Almost fully severing the tip of my thumb Bonus: Rolls soaked in blood


Drunken Shenanigans

having sex with my boyfriend in the back of my car
going to my car the next day and realizing he must not know how to wipe his ass. BONUS RESULT: making my friends help me clean up the shit stain.


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

drinking all night because it was 2-4-1
spent over 700 bucks on the tab because it was my bf's birthday. BONUS RESULT: woke up with best friends mom in the camper parked in her driveway.


Lowered Expectations

Got really drunk.
Bought pizza and fell down the stairs at the train. Bonus result: huge gaping bloody hole in my leg. Saved the pizza though.


Pairs of LOLerskates

going out with this guy who i thot was really cool
being texted and or called at every hour of the day with tons of voicemails so now my box is full and hes still asking me what im doing, who im with, etc. BONUS RESULT: having to call the cops because hes harassing me and stalking me


Wishes Denied

Telling my roommate that I enjoy her company
Waking up to find her lying next to me stroking my hair. BONUS RESULT: My girlfriend broke up with me because she won't stop bothering us. YET ANOTHER BONUS RESULT: She has started to follow me to my classes and my workplace, making me very nervous.


Accidental Pregnancies

Took a girlfriend on the back of my motorbike to a party in high heels
The plastic heels melted on the hot exhaust pipe. Very annoyed gf. New shoes and 4 hour to clean off the melted plastic. Bonus result: really bad smell


LOLrus Bukkits

drinking too much tequila in mexico
playing guitar for a random mariachi band on the street and waking up with no money, phone, or passport on a bus to cuba. BONUS RESULT- flight was the next morning at six am and i was supposed to be the best man for my brothers wedding


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Drinking at a Tokyo "all you can drink" bar for six hours straight.
Got into a drunken brawl in the street, almost killed someone via strangulation, surrounded by nineteen cops, convinced cops to let me go so I could catch the last train home... they apologized for delaying me. BONUS RESULT: Returned to America to discover I had phoned a friend and left a voicemail detailing my battle and victory in a drunk ramble.

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