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I love bonuse results


Average Value of LMAO

drinking tripping balls all while have recently stoping taking my prozak so my equilibryum is all off
2 holes in my wall made my friends every scared running around down town bathesda geeking cos i thought ppl where following me and finally yelling at this girl telling her to get the bug spray to get ride of the thousands of bugs crawling around my room BONUSE RESULT: sitting in my tv room talking to my friends and my dead grandma i was the only one in the room


LOLrus Bukkits

Listening to my friend when he said to take benadryl to trip.
Crying, getting convinced my hair would turn in to snakes unless I pet it, more crying, letting my friend help me draw on my self BONUSE RESULT: huge dick on my back and a ton of writing on my stomach, questioning my sexuality and a pissed off girlfriend.


Miles per ROFL

Not learning from my mistacks and tripping on Benadryl again.
Sat right next to my bed staring at a fly that i had killed that turned in to a small dog afreid to get up because my poster of kurt cobain kept yelling at me BONUSE RESULT: i now keep hearing voices saying my name in my parents voice cant fap cos every time i try i hear me mum saying my name and have to stop.

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