PoorDecisions tagged as

its funny cus it didnt happen to me


LMAOs Per Square Inch

deciding to have sex for the first time with my first boyfriend with out a comdon(i was 15)
getting pregnant with tripplets


Dollars Left in Savings

Leaving the keys in the 4 bay beer truck for 10 minutes unguarded.
Sitting around for two hours waiting for the police to fill out paperwork and a coworker to bring a new set of keys. At least I'm getting paid for the time.


Babbies Formed

Directing traffic in the middle of the street while drunk
police station


Miles per ROFL

Pill happy therapist
My nose is bleeding from all the vyvance i did and i cant stand up with out passing out when im on the sleeping pill and all with in the law.


Miles of LOLercoaster

Get pissed dunk and have a threesome with my girlfriend and her best friend.
The best friend pregnant and wanting to keep it.


Arbitrary Numbers

Breaking up with my boyfriend.
He claims it was his lucky day, bought a scratch off and won $350.


Really Awkward Mornings

Agreeing to go out drinking with friends to celebrate my 21st birthday "right"
Finding out at 2am when I'm three sheets to the wind and three of my buddies are passed out in the back seat, that our designated driver has 'poor night vision' and was also completely color blind. The trip home was a long string of 'Red' 'Green' 'Red' 'Green, no Yellow... Red.'


Alcohol Induced Comas

Having sex with my bf
Having to stop cus his mom was standing there watching us.


Wishes Denied

Drinking a lot of fuckin vodka.
Kicking in a door at 5 am getting stitches in my balls and getting arested and sued.


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

Tried to make an air raid siren.
Me and a friend got electrocuted. Had to go to the hospital and we have a working air raid siren now to irritate the world.

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