PoorDecisions tagged as



Worried Stares from Onlookers

Tried ecstasy with a couple friends.
Had an orgasm listening to music. Seriously. Had to change my pants and everything.


Orders of General LMAO's

Tried Salvia for the first time, in the woods, at night. Also thought I would be badass so I tried a LOT of it...
I woke every dog for ten miles screaming at trees, I think my throat is bleeding inside, I don't know where my 40 of rum is, and my jacket was at some point on fire. Also, it only lasted like 20 minutes, and scared the hell out of me. I'm going back to weed.


Days Since Last Accident

Got a contaceptive implant.


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway



Really Awkward Mornings

Drinking a bottle of vodka when the guy I've been hooking up with shows up at my friend's party in the middle of nowhere with his "girlfriend"
telling her everything in german and realizing she speaks german, crying while sitting on the lap of my best friends brother in my underwear, getting bitched out by my best friend, crying on her in my underwear, taking a golf cart up the mountain to see the llamas, attempting to ride the llamas, never finding my dress. At least I didn't vomit.


Babbies Formed

Decided to go out drinking with some friends.
Got wasted as fuck and woke up in the bathroom with one of those urinal cakes in my mouth, and it wasn't even the same club I started at, no clue how I got there.


Deaths by Dysentery

Celebrating my 22 birthday at a bar, bought one drink that night.
Had 2 drinks in my hand non stop whole night, constantly having them bought, whole bar knowing me by end of night, being serenaded by band for birthday, hit on by gay guy, ended up at home with my best friends sisters bra on me (I'm a guy) with a puddle of vomit surrounding me and a whole pineapple in my arms. Zero recollection of night.


Handles of Captain's

Drinking heavily in Phoenix, then hopping on a midnight flight to Minneapolis.
Waking up at 32,000 feet with no water to drink, on a flight to Atlanta. Apparently I made a gametime decision to purchase a flight on my credit card to Atlanta instead of Minneapolis.


On the ROFLdex

Drinking an entire handle of rum at a party.
Tying people together with plastic wrap, and accusing everyone of yelling at me in techno.


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

Drinking the plane out of OJ via screwdrivers.

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