PoorDecisions tagged as



Futures Destroyed

St. Patricks Day. drinking 3 beers casually then drinking the other 12 in a shotgun competition with my friend within an hour
Pooing in one of my neighbours bowls and leaving it in the middle of their floor. got caught pulling up my pants. Also lead to being chased by 30 people wanting to kick my ass. Dont remember any of it, got told by the guy whos house it was the next morning. Awkward.


Lowered Expectations

Drank a whole bottle of 99 apples.
Had sex in my sorority formal study, had to retrieve my lost underwear the next day.


Claps from the LOLrus

Asked my mom to grab a pair of pants for me out of my "bottom left hand drawer"
She wasn't listening very well and went for the bottom right hand drawer, found my special drawer complete with many sex toys.


Confused Stares

Decided to try out my girlfriend's dildo when drunk.
Accidentally ass raped myself when I fell backwards, and shitting hurt for a week.


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

leaving my date for a hotter girl while drunk
woke up at my original dates house with the new girl...while the originals parents were asking where she went


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Having many alcohol beverages.
Getting it on with my bf with 6 other people sleeping in the same room.

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