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Buying a second bottle of Gin for playing Kings.
Blacking out, buying a 10 bag of E; snorting 9 of said 10 bag; being found by friends wandering in an alleyway muttering nonsense out of my mind; being taken to friend's house, freaking out her mother and getting us all kicked out; waking up in another friend's bathroom screaming "I can't handle this gangster lifestyle"; going to work 2 hours later.


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Going to a new years party with my friends, and played almost 15 games of kings back to back. Mix of beer and liqour.
I was told after I face planted that everyone tried to keep me down. Unsuccesful, I chased them around crawling with only my shoulders trying to bite ankles with an evil grin on my face. I only remember the face plant, then waking up halfway over the back of a couch

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