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Metric Tons of Self Respect

thought i was could keep up with my cousin at a party and stole his drink...
in hanging out of a tent pukeing by guts out why my familiy laughs at my first hangover..... bonus result got laughed at by people i still dont rember meeting bonus result still learning about that night 1 year later


People That Still Like You

decided to have a few shots with my bf friend around 2pm, ended up the only one doing shots
my bf coming home from work to me passed out on the floor, with my face in a bag of puke & his friend laughing his ass off, then my bf called me a lightweight cause i had only drank half the bottle


Promises Kept

Drinking with my cousin at a famliy reunion finished a 12 pack, I,m now hammered ,couldn't fall asleep took some sleeping pill which really got me going.
Me waking up from a comatose state open my closet door and piss all over the floor and my clothes. wake up the next morning with my elderly grandmother standing in a huge puddle of piss. i told her there must be a leak.

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