PoorDecisions tagged as



Alcohol Induced Comas

Bought a white panel van at an auction to move my own stuff intending to rent it out to my buddies that were also gonna move soon.
Got investigated as a sex offender by fitting a profile of having a white Chevy Astro while living around a school.


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

smoking too much weed on acid
constantly thinking i've soiled myself for over a month now


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

Helping out a friend up a hill on my quad because he panicked and froze half way up.
Standing on front of quad to weigh him down so he wouldn't flip back, he hit throttle, I hit ground and then to add insult he ran me over..dislocated knee torn acl, mcl all ligaments, tendons, hyper extension of knee and fracture of knee..laid me up for 6 weeks..BONUS...friend still laughing claimed an accident.


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Partying with my friend as a last hurrah before i moved to DC.
Glass in my side from the tequila bottle I fell on, black eye, woke up in a room with a shit load of people, some naked, next to a bare ass girl in Florida, 5 hours from where I used to live o and an industryal.


Confused Stares

Party fouled so decided to chug a bottle of vodka.
Woke up with in a stranger backyard with my pants around my ankles with a bum standing over me offering me cocaine.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Got stoned before work today.
Whoaaaaa shit what the hellllllll.

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