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Miles per ROFL

Went to poordecisions.net and entered a decision
Learned that this site doesn't actually do anything but scrape your clipboard, browsing history and your cookie file.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Trimming my pubes
Had to keep going the whole way down. Now I look like a pre puberty child.


Broken Promises

On a medical trip (while completely wasted on several types of painkillers and other narcotics(Ketamine, for one)), my ex gave me a new iPod which we then used to add some incriminating evidence to my photo-stream; I added more on the trip home with another ex. I deleted the ones on my iPod, but the photo stream kept the incriminating evidence... My girlfriend saw it.
I'm single, and I'm out $130 in drugs because of the trip. I don't remember any of it because of the drugs, so I'm single for nothing. True, I still have the pictures/movies, but I'd rather have a girlfriend. The one memory I have is waking up next to my ex and in a puddle of my own piss.


On the LOLometer

To use icy hot as lube
Me pulling out too fast , poop on my dick, her crying and telling me she told me to go slow, a icy hot dick, a week without no poon, and me laughing my ass off as she walked across the parking lot bow leggid


People Who Understand Math

Fucked my bf while on birthcontrol and using a condom
Still got fucking pregnant


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Took 60mg of Adderall at noon...
Still up cleaning at noon the next day....u can eat off the floors!!


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Being white
Being able to fully appreciate Ben Folds and Jack Johnson.


Days Since Last Accident

I have this boyfriend that fucked my best friend in the ass.he tells me he didnt mean to and he loves ms so much.i dumped him.
He is calling me and her hoes.


People That Like Turtles

Decided to give up dating and focus on myself.
Lived happily ever after.


Guys That Girl You Like Hasn't Slept With

I swallowed...
well i am due June 6th 2013... With a little girl ... what a disaster!

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