PoorDecisions tagged as

looks like you peed your pants; although technically i guess you did


your mom

Drinking lots of vodka shots.
Walking on the streets with a dick drawn on my cheek to go to a night shop, and then coming back home to finally pee on my own sofa.


Futures Destroyed

Drinking an 40 oz bottle of rhum in two hours at the 18th birthday of my best friend.
Eating grass, saying "The sky is in the air" each minute or two for the next hour, seeing trains that doesn't exist, peeing for about one and a half minute (no kidding) to finally black out, wake up the next morning in my bed, and having no idea of how I came there.


Promises Kept

Having fat thighs and trying to pee in a public bathroom while trying not to sit on the toilet bowl.
Pee dribbling down fat thighs and wetting my pants.

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