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Shotgun Weddings

drank a case of budweiser, countless number of jello shots, half a bottle of jager 3 games of beer pong(losing every game)
getting punched by my own brother, got a ride home from a random fat chick while i was upsidedown in passenger seat, and blaming an imaginary girl for pissing and throwing up all of me and my bed.


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

chugging beer and drinking two 4locos at a sausage fest (only guys party)
puking in the room and outside, sleeping with a guy from my old high school who i thought was an ass (first time ever having sex with sum1 i barely know), getting walked in on while having sex and wen i was changing, liking the guy after the incident and getin rejected cuz he thinks im a whore!


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

Went out on a rich old mans trimaran with hotties young and old. Didn't pay for anything.
Got shitfaced wasted 9 shots of rum and vodka and numerous beers, also boning my best friend's aunt.


Pairs of LOLerskates

Funneling 20 beers in 2 hours.
Woke up in jail.


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

Beirut, drinking blueberry whiskey, getting drunk fast, and smoking.
Accidentally sleeping with someone I had no intentions of ever sleeping with ever again especially since I was trying to get with one of his best friends... Best friend understood, whew I guess.


People Who Understand Math

Leaving the keys in the 4 bay beer truck for 10 minutes unguarded.
Sitting around for two hours waiting for the police to fill out paperwork and a coworker to bring a new set of keys. At least I'm getting paid for the time.


Bottles of Asprin

Drank a barrelful of beer at a Halloween Party.
Woke up in mom's bed with a fat Asian chick in a Tinkerbell costume.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Decided to start drinking beer at 9 am.
Drank way too much decided to go get something else got ass kicked by a dealer came home door was locked kicked it open girlfriend calls cops on me. Single again and more child support to pay.


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

Drinking 10 pints of beer at a football game.
Me pucking in the bus on the way home, same one i took the next morning to go to work.


LOLs per Million

Having sex in the closet with my best friends girlfriend, and drinking loads of Gin and Sam Adams beer.
Waking up in the trunk of my cousins Subaru with vomit and 3 empty boxes of Captain crunch nude.

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