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Square Feet of Fridge Space Not Occupied by Booze

Going to a friend's house thinking we'd drink
He finds out there's an alarm in his house after midnight when the garage door opens. No drinks for us, damn it, is there a word like blue tongue or blue stomach for this kind of disappointment?


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

going to help a friend get his truck out of the mud at a friends property
got MY truck stuck, wasnt really that kids property, Game Wardens and Cops got involved, Truck sat door deep in mud for 2 weeks before they would let us get it out...


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Tried to return wallet that i found on the ground with 300 bucks credit cards and her check book that had her address on it .
She cussed me out and said i stole it from her and called the cops ..


Grammar and Spelling Corrections

My boss showed me a photo of what I thought was one of his girls on the side. I told him he needed glasses and that she looked like a man and that I have ridden horses more pretty than that.
My boss is a federal agent and the picture was of his daughter.thank god the gun was in the car.

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