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parenting award?


On the ROFLdex

Decided to start drinking beer at 9 am.
Drank way too much decided to go get something else got ass kicked by a dealer came home door was locked kicked it open girlfriend calls cops on me. Single again and more child support to pay.


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

Trying to talk to my mom about my depression.
Her telling me to get out of her face and kicking me outta the house for a few days. I'm only 16.


you're adopted

Trying to tell my 13 year old son to 'do as he was told.'
Laughed in my face. Went and told his mom, who laughed in my face too. Never took anything I said seriously again.


Lowered Expectations

Bringing my 13 year old son to my party
He gets super drunk, hits on my girlfriend, gets laid

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