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Pairs of LOLerskates

Went to use a public toilet while wearing brand new woollen gloves. Took gloves off (no one wants dirty gloves, right?), rested them on the back of the toilet then sat down to pee.
Stood up and realised the gloves had fallen in the bowl and I'd peed all over them. Ruined forever.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

Went down south to Evergreen, Louisianna to visit family.
When at the crawfish boil pee'd on a tree and all the old men yelling "HE TOOK THE TREE AWWW YEAH HES GROWIN UP" now EVERYONES watching me piss. Country Basturds.


Shotgun Weddings

I ended up drinking way too much Grey Goose before I went to bed.
Waking up and pissing on the floor. My wife woke up and asked me what the hell i was doing. I told her ''I am going with the flow. Can't you hear the river. I woke up naked the next day not remembering anything. ( She was super pissed off )

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