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got super high and ate my munchies away
stomach has reached full capacity and i keep throwing up


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

going to all night bk reaaaaaally high
ordering $44.82 worth of food and not having any money...oops


Futures Destroyed

Smoked a ton of weed
Tried to let a pinecone cross the street. I thought it was a hedgehog...


Futures Destroyed

Ate a Shit load of magical mushrooms, got drunk and smoked a blunt.
Having an awkward conversion with my left hand, falling asleep while still tripping balls and kept waking up in different realities.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

had an idea to make some weed brownies, and eat them at work because it just makes everything a little tolerable on slow nights.
My manager started to munch on the brownies that i put in the fridge with out asking....It was a fun watching her,as i dont even think she knows what weed is!! turned out she really thought she was ganna die and went to the hospital.. I still have my job....


Futures Destroyed

Drank espresso spiked with cannabis-infused vodka of unknown strength, at 1 AM, while already sleep-deprived.
Discovered that this drug combination triggers in me both mild hallucinations AND not-so-mild paranoia. Also, spent 3 hours utterly terrified of the demons that I realized were lurking in the closets and trying to get out of the mirrors.


Orbits Made by The Sattelite of LOL

Supposed to do shrooms with a friend. Friend bailed, ate both doses myself. Didn't want to wait the whole hour for them to kick in, so smoked a lot of grass too.
Realized (hours later) that I'm sober enough to comprehend that it's not just my mind making it seem like everybody around me is talking in a foreign language. I'll never know how I got clear across the border, considering that I lived in Oklahoma at the time.


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

Ordering Smoking Pipes And Having Them Sent To My House
Grounded And Drug Tested


HA Granules

Smoking weed and then proceeding to woodshop
Getting an Aplus for my awsome yet off-putting acts of carpentry


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

getting so high before class.
learning about space me: we will be the first peolpe on the sun. teacher: no you cant, you'll burn up me: duh, we will go at night.

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