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Warnings from Your Mother About Exactly This Kind of Thing

Peeing in the yard
Neighbors saw vagina and now have a stalker


your mom

Three 24 packs of bud, a cooler filled with assorted mini bottles, the beach, and a pocket full of greenery, starting at noon.
Dancing on the shore line with my new pet crab Shelly whom was dead. Being chosen as the most sober to drive while pissing in the sand. Going to a restaurant trying to spell the name of it on my Facebook all the while it was all over the walls. Hearing my friend puke and scare all the customers, then moving on to three bars and puking crab up in a dumpster. I think Shelly had something to do with it. Finishing off with laying on the side walk asking my mom to pick up but not knowing where I am. Girls day out priceless.

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