PoorDecisions tagged as



Arbitrary Numbers

Spending a week and a half out of my head on massive doses of diphenhydramine, then quitting just in time for my mom to come get me at the end of the quarter.
Vomiting. Taking Pepto-Bismol. Projectile vomiting Pepto-Bismol. All over myself. In the car. While on the way to the airport to pick up my dad. My mom running into Wal-Mart to buy me hideously ill-fitting clean clothes.


Dollars Left in Savings

decided to do shrooms and acid on halloween.
get my ass kicked by a midget, ran around naked yelling "i'm a plane and their are mothor fucking snakes on me"!, Get nearly egg'd by 14 year olds, and vomited to the point where i was, as my friends said "not on acid, you were acid!"


Worried Stares from Onlookers

got super high and ate my munchies away
stomach has reached full capacity and i keep throwing up


HA Granules

Jizzing in my girls mouth
She grabbed me and kissed me before swallowing. We effectively shared my jizz.. EW


Times the Socially Acceptable Level of Failure

going on an innocent camping trip with my friend
stealing her dads whisky, first time drinking and drank waay too much, got completely shitfaced, hooked up with a random ugly guy, puked about 8 times, dont remember a thing except the beginning of the night, then the next morning had a hangover from hell and had to go on a boat ride and I'm pretty sure her dad knew....


People Who Understand Math

At a 21st birthday party, had many shots, smoked a ton of weed, and then drove around for a half hour.
vomiting in my driveway and covering it in grass, thinking it was clean.


Metric Tons of Self Respect

got really drunk at a friends house with his whole family end up laying on a couch tryin to sleep
little cousin throwing things at me, roll over off of the couch puked all over the floor slip in my own puke and washed up by friends mother


Wishes Denied

My friend stopped by to take me and my man out to a local club. my man had gone out with the guys. so we decided it be a 'girls night' and go ourselves, drank many mixed drinks, beer and shots
Ended up in said club bathroom puking and sh*ting myself, getting locked in said club, then sat on the curb puking waiting for my friend, two hrs later we got in car to go home, passed out in car, woke up in the back seat, my man in front and in another state, all while im still in my sh*ty clothes. what a road trip that was


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

went to the taco truck for lunch since it's one of my only choices.
got sick from food poisoning 45 miles away from home, requiring me to shit and vomit in 2 truck stop urinals before i got back to the comfort of my home.


Confused Stares

decided not to read the dosing instructions of the pain killers given to me after major back surgery
passing out only to wakeup and discover that not only did i violently puke all over my girlfriends bed, the wretching popped nine stitches

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