PoorDecisions tagged as



Promises Kept

ex-gf(tht i still have feelings for) saying i dont have the balls to ask out a girl tht she hates, me asking said girl out she saying yes
ex-gf now hates me bonus result: shes now dating a guy i hate:(


Gallons of LMAOnade

getting in a fight with my boyfriend.
spending my birthday alone reading poordecisions all night..


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

boyfriend says "i love u" and i responded in "i love u too" we kiss for first time
calls all day everyday and always says "i'm gonna make u my wife"


LOLrus Bukkits

Paid for my wife and her mom friends to have a family-free night for my wife's birthday, with fancy dinner, tickets to a popular play and overnight stay at a good hotel.
They all talked late into the night at the hotel and decided that my wife is unhappy. She stuck with that and four months later she divorced me.


Shotgun Weddings

Decided to take an acne medication with side effects of depression (despite my previous conditions of depression).
Screwed up a relationship with the most beautiful, amazing girl ever because I randomly call her up crying because she didn't answer my call the night before.


Years Spent in GuantanaLOL Bay

Breaking up with my boyfriend.
He claims it was his lucky day, bought a scratch off and won $350.


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

Flirting with a fat Chinese guy and promised to eat his cooking for a day.
A new "meaty" relationship that's gotten me both verbal and physical abuse and extra 14kgs over 14 months.


Shotgun Weddings

Playing never have i ever with my girl friend and an old booty call.
My girlfriend learning i had anal with the other girl, I'm now single.


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

Letting my father use my phone cause his broke.
Him breaking up with my boyfriend of 9 months.

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