PoorDecisions tagged as



Really Awkward Mornings

partied with 4 bottles of mccormics vodka and my trailer park buddies
got DRUNK and stole my moms car, drove doin 90 mph in a 35 on the wrong side of the rode to my gf house, only to find out she was cheatin on me. we broke up that night. BONUS: he gave her herpes of the mouth and throat :-)


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Drinking glasses of jager and glasses of Baileys while watching basketball.
Puking on the couch, such a bad hangover the next day that I had to pull over on 95 to throw up out my car window on the way to work.


Babbies Formed

Help my boss move furniture out of one of his condos.
Carrying an entertainment center down the stairs, tripping, and falling through the wall.

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