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Sois by the ROFLcopter

Letting my friend drink half a bottle of rum at a party and then letting him go swim
Him submerging himself underwater for long periods of time freaking everyone out and having him jump up from the bottom shouting he's Super Mario


Wishes Denied

taking jello shots, shots of patron grey goose skyy vodka bacardi uv blue and drinking a pitcher of beer at my girlfriend's cousin's house after smoking an oz of cherry kush
puking on the couch. floating around the house because I can fly, laying in the puke and asking who the fuck puked on me, and waking up with nothing on but my shoes in the bathtub surrounded by my now ex-girlfriends naked cousins around and on top of me with no memory of what transpired


Shotgun Weddings

Going to a rave in an abandoned warehouse in Nashville TN and drinking rum, smoking weed, taking acid, taking shrooms, taking more acid, and lots more rum.
Waking up in an abandoned warehouse in KY with no memory. My friend who was texting told me the last message from me was "shit dude shiiit" I now have to hitch hike back before my parents find out.


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Drinking an entire handle of rum at a party.
Tying people together with plastic wrap, and accusing everyone of yelling at me in techno.


Cubic Centimeters of Dignity Remaining

Bored sitting at home, decided to see how many double shots of Sailor Jerry's i could take in a hour.
Climbing on my roof and jumping off and then puking my head off....made it to 10 shots.


Glasses of Whiskey

"Newfoundland Screech", instead of normal rum.
I don't know. My friends still won't tell me what happened.


Miles per ROFL

First time drinking went to a camp party where i consumed a fourth a gallon of rum and 6 beers.
Screamed "Alcohol its a curse" And spent the rest of the night vomiting out of the back seat of a car.

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