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Shots of Jaeger

Spent the last four years in college, $80,000 , and being the first one in my family to graduate from college.
Unemployed, $80,000 indebt, no girlfriend, and living in my parents basement.


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

Let my mum and my empty pocket bully me into accepting a new job as a Youth Worker - despite how much I dislike having to spend time with other people.
Have to deal with damn teenagers all week, and having to talk nicely to strangers EVERY FUCKING DAY. I now hate my life.


Worried Stares from Onlookers

Decided to be ambitious and apply for a second job.
I locked my keys in my car where I applied when I went to talk to the manager. The place isn't even hiring. Life just slaps me across the face all the time BONUS RESULT: I'm still stuck here because I have nobody to call and got no replies to my facebook post.



Taking some Xanax to deal with my family on Easter.
Slept through Easter by accident. Missed all of the food! :(


you're adopted

Married a man that made made my world spin
spent many months by his side through medical problems, also through a tour overseas...i like to have sex to relieve stress, but his libido is fading fast...i understand, but i am so frustrated that at some times it's too much to handle. wow, this is a drunk angry pd...watch, this one will actually get posted.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Paid for my wife and her mom friends to have a family-free night for my wife's birthday, with fancy dinner, tickets to a popular play and overnight stay at a good hotel.
They all talked late into the night at the hotel and decided that my wife is unhappy. She stuck with that and four months later she divorced me.


Wishes Denied

Decided to take an acne medication with side effects of depression (despite my previous conditions of depression).
Screwed up a relationship with the most beautiful, amazing girl ever because I randomly call her up crying because she didn't answer my call the night before.


People That Still Like You

marry a woman who has health problems and hormonal imbalance.
months spent at her bedside in the hospital, being punched, always wrong, loved, hated, sex, no sex, mental breakdowns from both of us due to stress, have to go on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds just to cope with this life, and only staying foor my son


Average Value of LMAO

getting married
realizing the reasons i married my husband, he's sweet caring, faithful, takes care of me, also make him so very very gay. BONUS result: I'm now stuck living far away from friends and family with a gay man that refuses to come out of the closet because he's in the military.


HA Granules

Reuniting with highschool sweetheart after 20 years.
Turned out to be a scumbag who I loaned $5,000 to and he never paid me back. Lesson learned.

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