PoorDecisions tagged as

seriously what the fuck


Days Since Last Hangover

i got locked in a car with my bf and wanted to have sex bit i didnt want to cuz i wasnt ready yet and i told him that.
him shoving his penis in my face and yelling 'SKITTLES TASTE MY RAINBOW!!' while my lil' sister was standing right by the door looking through the window, her seeing my bf's junk then we looked over and saw her. i broke up with my bf and now have a new 1 but my lil' sister is kinda skiddy now around my bf's.


Friends Left After Last Night

stalking people until they got back to their house.
sitting on theire porch for an hour, knocking on there door, getting yelled at by a big black lady, flying down two sets of stairs, running back to my house, and sitting in the living room silent with my friend.


On the ROFLdex

getting high off of tylenol before a big piano show i had to do
falling asleep in front of crowd and waking up with ketchup in meh mouth


Arbitrary Numbers

finally had sex on my 16th b-day
got pregnant. bonus result: mom is really pissed off at my stepfather


Accidental Sex Change Operations

Having a party to celebrate life for no dang reason.
My best friend getting so wasted he lights his beard on fire, his shirt and my crispy dry grass....once that fires out he says watch this! Takes axe body spray and lighter yells I HAVE VD and proceeds to light his junk up.....what a life...


Times the Socially Acceptable Level of Failure

Went to an Alice in Wonderland party in a barn without my boyfriend.
German girl takes underwear off in my face then wets herself. I drink a lot of vodka to forget that happening. THEN make out with a gay guy dressed as alice, break up with boyfriend, make out with a guy(OR GIRL?) called cameron(?), lose both my shoes in separate fields, wake up on bench in town despite party being 12 miles away from civilization, don't remember ANYTHING for several days afterward and can't understand why I am single. Understand now.


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

Leaving work late one night, after everyone was gone.
Seeing a 50ish-year old naked hippy chick that standing in the elevator like a statute with harms spread out, only wearing a necklace.


Average Value of LMAO

blood black eye split head hospital sham


On the LOLometer

Flirting with a fat Chinese guy and promised to eat his cooking for a day.
A new "meaty" relationship that's gotten me both verbal and physical abuse and extra 14kgs over 14 months.


Days Since Last Accident

Making your own girlfriend with sex toys and other stuff.
You are fucking it "she" and then somebody catch U.

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