PoorDecisions tagged as

should i not have done that?


Shotgun Weddings

Eating eggs for breakfast when I was too hungover to walk without throwing up.
Puking in the parking lot of a rest stop, then taking a nap there, then throwing up again and scaring the shit out of an entire family.


Orbits Made by The Sattelite of LOL

Not doing any of my papers this semester.
Having to do all my papers from this semester in two days. Hooray for no sleep.


Draught Kegs

Taking 15 jello shots and a handle of vodka.
Getting fingered by two guys on the dance floor, making out with my boyfriend's frat brother, and waking up cuddling bagel bites, pepperonis, and cheez-its. Then taking a test at nine AM.


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

Making out with not my girlfriend at a club.
No more girlfriend.

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