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someone actually posted this


Life Goals Accomplished

Making your own girlfriend with sex toys and other stuff.
You are fucking it "she" and then somebody catch U.


Confused Stares

Not learning from my mistacks and tripping on Benadryl again.
Sat right next to my bed staring at a fly that i had killed that turned in to a small dog afreid to get up because my poster of kurt cobain kept yelling at me BONUSE RESULT: i now keep hearing voices saying my name in my parents voice cant fap cos every time i try i hear me mum saying my name and have to stop.


Professors Who Will Accept This Post As an Excuse

Take acid in a farm of a friend of mine, go for a walk, see a huge cow shit, dodge, the shit start to chase me assuming the form of a wiener dog.
Pet the dog, smell hand ...now thinks if the shit move or i just stand there tripping.

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